Thursday 31 March 2011

I drive therefore I am

A year ago I made a pledge at a mental health conference to give up my car. To be honest I didn't really know what I was saying as the previous session had involved me massaging a girls hand (apparently this is a relaxing activity) and I was rather flustered.

Anyway a year later and this seemingly easily forgettable idea written on flip chart paper and hopefully now fallen down the back of a filing cabinet has been remembered by quite a few people who seem to relish in saying 'still got the car then?' whenever they see me.

Well as it happens they can stop their mocking because I am selling it. I have had the roof fixed. That was quite cheap and I got to keep the biro that was blocking the tracking system. Its been serviced and is ready to sell. Now I just have to deal with the grief. I mean this was the business. A soft top sports car. My midlife crisis car. I always felt like I could pull in this car. Should I want to although I never did test it out. It was actually quite hard to get out of in an alluring way being so low and the heated seats made me think I had finally wet myself.

Although the main interest was from children so that was a non starter. One day I laid in bed and heard some school kids saying ' oh cool! wow look at that!' I knew they were talking about my car and I felt a rush of pride. Then I heard one of the girls knowledgeably inform the others 'an old lady drives that'.

Of course I will have to actually GET places without the car. But since I have been living in a tower block in the city ( see tomorrows blog) I have hardly used the car. I walk everywhere. I go by train to see my parents (if you book in advance its actually cheaper than the petrol alone). I use taxis if I am tired and my bike if I can remember where it is. I also turn things down that I know I cant get to.

So anyone wanna buy a car? only owned by an old lady who hardly used it.....


  1. I remember well the day you showed me your car, Helen. And I can verify that it was indeed very sensual.

    Lovely poignant post, which made me laugh and feel moved at the same time.

    I don't think you look like an old lady.

    All the best, Mark

  2. An excellent and inspiring story - unfortunately in my area I see a fair few women of Helen's age buy similar motor cars, and some literally run themselves into the ground working to keep the things maintained and fuelled.

    the real test though is being able to "turn down things you can't get to".

    I don't own a car and because of this I've drifted away from many of my more hedonistic friends who *depend* on being able to drive to the next party/rave - it can become a very lonely path especialy if you are younger but its something you have to cope with, at least it gives you a head start for when the time comes the others have to give up their hypermobility..