Wednesday 9 March 2011

The subtle poison of society

So I've given this post a rather dramatic title, but everyday I seem to discover another aspect of our current society that is potentially damaging to our health.

My health is an important consideration in most of my decisions and influences which low carbon living options I choose. Trying to avoid consuming too many chemicals is one of the driving forces behind my choice to eat organic produce and not partake in the Freegan lifestyle. I don't want to eat the nasty, chemical-filled food that the supermarkets sell and throw away. I know that the health benefits of organic food have been challenged recently, but as far as I'm concerned eating less chemicals can only be a good thing.

Health is also behind my recent foray into herbal remedies. I feel that conventional medicine is very invasive and if I can find gentler natural alternatives then my body will handle it better and remain stronger for the next 'fight'. It does work the other way though too, I have yet to make my own toothpaste, as I still have a complete set of teeth with no fillings and I don't really want to risk this as I'm going to need them for quite a few years yet. I do however use our local kingfisher toothpaste as the chemicals in 'ordinary' toothpastes are horrendous.

Last night at our Transition Circle West meeting on Herbal remedies, Chris mentioned that a lot of tea bags (herbal ones included) contained aluminium or plastic mesh which can't be good when you pour boiling water on it. Not to mention that most teabags are also bleached to make them a nice white colour. So loose leaf tea for me from now on.

There are just so many examples of situations like this where the food we eat or products we use contain 'hidden' ingredients that can damage our health. Like hair dye, its common knowledge that its bad for your hair, but people don't consider how the chemicals also get absorbed through your skin and into your blood stream.

Our policy of treating things we invent as safe until proven dangerous, rather than playing it safe the other way round, has led to a whole lifestyle full of toxic substances that no-one has bothered to test yet.

Generally the easiest way to minimise your exposure to this that I have found is to make things yourself from the basic ingredients, so that you know exactly what things contain. It's quite fun too!

So whose up for a lifestyle detox?

Photo: lotions and potions and a tea bag

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  1. Totally agree with your point Kerry - we are all dependant on hundreds of chemical reactions and messing with the mix leads to problems. Which is why I believe that we are stupid to ignore the depletion of trace elements in our food. We flush valuable minerals down the drain that previously would have been returned to the land locally.