Monday 16 September 2013

Harvest - Enjoying the archive of This Low Carbon Life 2009-2013

This Low Carbon Life has been a collective Transition blog for almost four years. It now has over 1000 blogs in its archive on a wide-range of topics from books to wellbeing, reports about Transition events and projects, philosophical reflections, personal and political testaments, great photos, oh, and humour too!

Started in 2009 in response to the downshifts taking place within the neighbourhood Transition Circles, the blog was created to house and reflect the rich material gleaned, as we looked at energy, travel, food, consumerism and a hundred other topics discussed and acted on as we reduced our carbon emissions.

By 2013 most of the original collective dispersed, as the focus and structure of Transition Norwich changed. You can read about where we all went here.

Some of us are now writing on our own blogs (and sometimes cross post here). You will find us in the following places:

Charlotte Du Cann Also with the Dark Mountain Project
Simeon Jackon Also with Green Party Norwich
Mark Watson Also with Transition Free Press.

Some things don't change however in our Low Carbon lives. Food growing and foraging is one of them. As we shift into autumn, gathering the harvest is still one of our main topics. The lead pic is of some Pink Fir Apple potatoes I grew in my garden this year. You can find the piece that goes with it on my new Tumblr page people.plants.places.

Meanwhile don't forget to have a forage amongst our rich store of posts here on this blog (see right hand column for topic list). Enjoy!

Images: gleaning apples on Thorpeness Dunes: Pink Fir Apple potatoes; wild cherries gathered on Wellbeing Walk, August 2013 (Mark Watson)