Monday 14 March 2011

Waxing lyrical

Last summer, I blogged about artificial chemicals in the various potions and preparations I use to control the eczema I've had my whole life. Eczema's a funny thing in that no-one really understands it fully - it could be genetic, could be environmental, could be down to allergies, to things we eat, things we wear - or it could be all or none of those in any one person. That makes it very hard to treat, so most of the treatment tends to be about control rather than cure.

I was, though, genuinely concerned about the amount of artificial chemicals I was applying to my skin, and by extension, to the environment when they inevitably washed away and disappeared down the drain.

So I was pleased when I got an email in response to the blog-post with a recipe for a home-made preparation based on bees-wax, honey and oils. I've now managed to get my hands on some beeswax from the church in Southwold where I also get my honey, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. As you can see from the picture above, the wax looks like fudge; it also smells marvellous, a deep, rich honey scent that you can almost taste.

I'm also testing a concoction based on chickweed and beeswax that I've been given. I started using it on Saturday, and so far, it's looking really good. I'll keep going and let you know how I've got on sometime in May.

Picture of beeswax: (c) Annette Taylor at

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