Friday 25 March 2011

A Spring Tale

One sunny spring morning a posse of permaculture oriented Norwichians assembled at Norwich station for an exciting excursion to the foreign country of Essex. After a pleasant train journey we set off on our first mission to walk to the Apricot Centre. On the way we found some rather enticing banks of salad...

...tasty purslane and garlic mustard, the first foraging of the spring that on this beautiful day we took full advantage of...

At the Apricot Centre we had a very interesting tour around the permaculture designed fruit farm and we got to appreciate all of the emerging signs of spring.

Flowering redcurrant

Newly emerging leaves...

...shining like jewels in the spring sun

Furry caterpillar catkins

Gorgeous blossom... beautiful juxtaposition with winter

and a successfully fruiting outdoor nectarine!

At the second project we visited - the peoples community garden in Ipswich - we had another lovely tour and then had a little nap...

...and did some concentrated digging to give a little bit back!

All in all a rather marvellous spring day!

Photos: All by me of the visit day


  1. Lovely photos!

    I've been foraging dandelion leaves. Recipe here (suitable for all as it's vegan)

  2. Glad to see Ipswich is getting in on the act :)