Saturday 19 March 2011

Spring greens

Last weekend but one I was in London, and as ever went to perform my dutiful cheese-pilgrimage to Borough Market. While I was there I spotted a basketful of foraged wild garlic. It was selling for £3.00 per 50g, less than the truffles, I admit, but still a bit of a stretch. I remembered the beautiful bunch of leaves Charlotte brought to mine last year to share and decided I'll have to keep a look-out this Spring. I don't know if it grows near my house- and I thought at the time: I'm not sure I'd necessarily recognise it.

The next week found me strolling down a wooded valley in Wales to watch the sunset over the beach. Suddenly, the air around me was electric with a feral tang. Garlic! I knew it was there before I even spotted the leaves. The whole valley floor was covered with young points unfurling, with older leaves dotted across the steep sides. I picked a handful to add to our mushroom stroganoff- delicious. They were just as good in the next night's stir-fry too. It seems that the foraging year is just beginning, so it's time to make the most of another beautiful book which graced my Christmas list:

This is an excellent book, not a pocket-guide, certainly. More of an encyclopedia. But the beautifully delicate, full size black and white photos of the plants have really helped me to identify them. It's chock-full of fascinating information too, I really recommend it. I understand there are 10 copies in Norfolk libraries- best get there quick!

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  1. Yes foraging is definitely commencing! The transition permaculturalists were snacking on purslane and garlic mustard today on their walk to the apricot centre - good times!!