Thursday 24 March 2011

Springing into Spring

The magnolia blossom is starting to come out in the garden; the first sign really that the warmer weather has hit the garden. The bees are starting to buzz around the blossom, and the birds are starting to wake me up early in the morning.

The warmer weather means G & A get to spend more of their time outside, which is great after a cold winter cooped up in the house.  There's only so much CBeebies you can cope with, and it feels like they're uncurling along with the leaves.  So the first really warm weekend means that the trampoline goes up in the garden and they spend their time after school bouncing around.

Trampolining is said to be very good for the logical, mathematical part of the brain (something to do with the balance between your eyes, ears and the core of your body) but to me they look just like March hares bouncing and dancing all over the place.

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