Friday 1 April 2011

sex in the city

So I am living in a tower block.
Quite high up.
With a view of the Cathedral, some days.
Is it green though?

You can walk everywhere as you are so central. It is walking distance from the train station and the bus station. In fact it is walking distance from everywhere I want to go. You can stare out of the window at the cathedral. Or walk and see it.

There is an empty garage where people put stuff they dont want. I have so far claimed the following;
a chest of drawers
a broken umbrella
a bed (had to put that back as turned out to be a cot)
a brand new stapler
a kit to make a replica of your penis

If you are prepared to wait you could probably furnish a whole flat in this way. Previously there have been dining tables, sofas and gym equipment.

You cannot change the way the flats are heated. It is a communal boiler and the heating and hot water is set very high by someone in an office somewhere. Brian and John are two council workers who will gladly help you carry furniture or find your car keys (left in the toilets) in exchange for however much personal information they can get out of you in the time it takes to help you. There are communal washing lines which mainly get used by a man with lots of white vests and pants. I have become friends with some people on other floors and we exchange spare milk and eggs and gossip.

So there you have it. Not really living off the land. No picking herbs from your garden to make tea or spending the weekend making a rainwater collector. However I can get rid of my car and not buy any furniture ever again. Or penis replicators.

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  1. Ooh Helen, shall I get you drunk and make you tell this Womble the location of the garage of wombly-paradise? (Hasten to add that some items would stay where they are).