Saturday 2 April 2011

all present and correct

It may seem like only the other day that we had the torture of valentines and that it was only recently Christmas and surely we don't have to buy anything until Easter but may I remind you it is mothers day on Sunday?

There is no getting round it really. You can say you are not religious or its just commerical or you dont have a mother (actually that last one would probably be ok) but they will EXPECT something. Apart from my mother who has severe memory loss. But then its her birthday as well and I actually WANT to give her something. Besides which she will go to church on the day and no doubt some cute kid with bunches will thrust a daffodil in her hand and give the game away.

So she is getting knitted gloves. Ok so I might have taken advantage of the fact that she isnt that sure of the seasons but she actually loves the scarf I made her at Christmas and wears it indoors and out.

In fact the not buying things has been going since the beginning of lent but I am not meant to tell anyone but I decided to not buy anything until Easter. This included my flat mates birthday so I had to do some quick thinking. She ended up with a cornishware teapot (that had belonged to me) a mini cardboard cut-out of herself with some paper clothes (you had to have been a girl in the 70's to know what I am talking about) and some homemade brownies.

The picture shows a hat I made as part of the norfolk beanie series. It has pictures of windturbines/windmills on it. Just a little tip if you are knitting a present for someones birthday. They are always on the same date each year and people get funny if you ask them to move it because say, and this happened to a friend of mine, you leave your knitting at a someones house and can't finish the project on time. You may, and again this is not me but a friend of mine, end up knitting in your bedroom in the dark at your parents house hoping to get the gloves finished by tomorrow.

In this image I have re-eacted the scenario of my friend. Anyway I have got to go I have to go do a thing now.

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