Friday 20 May 2011

Once upon a time not very far away....

Once upon a time in a small artist's studio 3 people who live in the north of Norwich were sitting round a table trying to work out what to do. We love Transition Norwich, and we love where we live, but no one comes to our meetings what are we to do? So they scratched their heads and knitted a bit (this always helped them solve problems) and started to talk. What do people love? What would get people enthusiastic? They started to brainstorm or whatever you call it now. After half an hour they came up with the only legal answer: A PARTY!! And so the Magdalen Street Celebration was born. There was only short time to plan and no money so they rang all their friends and talked to the local people and at the next meeting there were......20 people!

After that day there were many more meetings and cutting out of material to make bunting and other crafty things.

And so the big day came and there were morris dancers dancing and taiko drummers drumming and face painters painting and historical people teaching - all manner of festivities and all the people of the street and surrounding areas came and made merry.

The Sheriff of Norwich walked around and declared that it was a fine street party and all the people cheered.
And after that that day the people of the street always remembered that day and hoped that one day it would happen again. But in the meantime they started to talk to each other more and recognize each other in the street and have cafe conversations.

Then came the next year and......... well you get the idea. Basically we want to do another one and we want it bigger and better so that North Norwich becomes even more greenier and a fun place to be where people are friendly. So if you want to join in then go to the blog spot. or join the facebook page or come to the next meeting which is in the lovely Aladdins Cafe on 7th June at 7 p.m. We need lots of help and you dont have to live in the area. Whatever your skills we can find a way for you to be involved. So come along and join the celebrations!