Friday 13 May 2011

Get Active and Take Notice

This is day two of the 5 ways to well-being and how they relate to the transition lifestyle.

this next one of the five is..

Get Active
Go for a walk or run. Step outside.
Cycle. Play a game. Garden. Dance.
Exercising makes you feel good.
Discover a physical activity that you enjoy.

The reason why we are unfit and miserable is because we are using our cars to get everywhere. When petrol prices go up we will be even more miserable because we still need our cars but now it makes us poor. Soon we will have to give up our gym membership because we cant afford it. Then we will be even fatter and even more miserable. Oh my goodness I have just thought of something that may solve both problems! No it couldn't work, could it? Its crazy but.. I am just gonnna say it anyway. What if, stay with me here, what if we actually combined not using the car with exercising by walking or cycling to places?

As well as not using machines that make us lazy you can also do active stuff just because you like it. The scientists have given us a list (see above) in case we cant think of anything but apparently anything active will do.

Now onto the third thing.

Take Notice
Be curious, catch sight of the beautiful.
Remark on the unusual.
Savour the moment.

If you take life slowly ( oil speeds everything up) and no longer clamour for more things then this third behaviour comes naturally.

My mum has dementia. There is no better training for being in the moment and seeing things differently than hanging out with someone with dementia. One day I said to her 'I am feeling a bit sluggish.'

'Like a slug?' she said back to me.

I thought for a moment before replying 'well er yes I suppose I do feel a bit like a slug'
I will leave you today with a picture of her holding my dog. She is able to hold her and feel her without any goal except to savour the feeling of her fur and the warmth of her body.

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