Sunday 8 May 2011

Election Special

Some people in the Transition movement don’t wish to get involved with the established political process and prefer to focus their energies on personal action to reduce their carbon footprint – others wish to influence the polices for transport, housing and waste that will affect us all and will determine how easy it is for us to live a low carbon life.

We have often discussed this dilemma at our TN Hethersett Circle meetings –local people are very concerned about the planned 50% increase in the size of the village – or should that be ‘town’? Eileen decided that getting involved was the right way forward and I’m pleased to report that voters of Hethersett liked her ideas and elected her to the Parish Council on Thursday. Also new to the PC is Simon, who has been involved in Transition in London and hopes to come along to the TN Hethersett Circle. Eileen and Simon will join Anne and Garry on the council – both of whom have been promoting environmental actions for many years as members of the Hethersett Environment Action Team.

I’ve been Chair of neighbouring Little Melton PC for the last 3 years and I’m pleased that this year I’ll be joined on the PC by several friends who also have a long history of environmental action. I’m well aware that PCs have limited powers but we do get to talk to planners, District and County councillors and I have found that people in these roles do take notice when enough people start plugging the same message. I very much believe in change being led from the grass roots and I’m really pleased to see more like minded people prepared to get involved in the process of local government.

Bring on that Cycle Path!

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