Thursday 12 May 2011

Breast is best

I am constantly amazed at what new things science has discovered. Only the other day they found out that babies preferred being breast fed. Then they did some research that showed dogs experienced jealousy. Next they will be saying that keeping in touch with friends makes you happier and sniffing flowers helps you through the day. Well actually yes. They are saying that. Some scientists at the new economics foundation have put together all the evidence that makes you happy and condensed it down into 5 behaviours and are called the five ways to wellbeing A bit like the 5-a-day thing but without having to stare at a carrot cake and wonder if it counts as a vegetable. 'So what are these 5 ways?' I hear you ask.

Well here they are as follows

Take Notice
Be Active
Keep Learning

Over the next few days I will cover them all and show how they fit in with living a greener lifestyle.

so firstly


Connect with the people, family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.
At home,work,school or in your local community.
Think of these as the cornerstones of your life and invest time in developing them.
Building these connections will support and enrich you everyday.

Our dependence on oil has disconnected us from family and friends. We move round the country following our careers leaving behind loved ones who we visit by car. When we come home from work and pull into the drive we dont see our neighbours. If we are upset we remedy if by buying stuff or getting tablets from the doctor. We have this idea that when we do socialize we need to spend money. But what happened to chatting over the garden fence or inviting someone round for a cup of tea? In fact if you go to your local park rather than the beach you will meet lots of people who live near you and can just pass the time of day with them. On June 5th there is the big lunch which encourages people to get together with their neighbours and have a street party.
But on a simpler level it is worth just saying 'hello' to someone who lives in your street.
Sometimes you realize later that its not who you thought is was but I always say this: I would rather someone got home that day and said 'a complete stranger smiled and said hello to me' than 'that woman from up the road ignored me'.

Tomorrow - Take notice and Be Active

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