Monday 9 May 2011

Changing Lanes and Rain

I was planning to write about May Day, council elections, Sustainable Bungay’s Give and Grow, Gasland, our bloggers' meeting, dinner on Friday with Josiah, getting a message from an old friend, my birthday, a present of concert tickets, car-sharing with neighbours...

But darlings, that was all SO LAST WEEK!

Last night it RAINED! For the first time in ages. Now that’s news. And I know I’m not the only one who’ll be relieved and delighted. I got up at 6, dragged myself and Charlotte out of bed and we jumped on our bikes and cycled to ‘Harebell Lane’ to see the mile long-river of cow parsley and hawthorns in full bloom lining the way. The morning was fresh and full of birdsong.

There were hares in the field and a fox hunting rabbits. Charlotte heard nightingales in the wood, though I cycled home to get going with this post.

Near our house we found the ground sprinkled with the small white flowers of the holly tree. There are several in the lane’s hedgerow, and this year they are all über-blooming. As you pass by you can catch their musky scent.

So the plan for tomorrow is to have a look at some of those things I didn’t look at today. But who knows what new surprises the day and evening might bring?

Pics: Cycling down the lane, hawthorns and cow parsley; Holly flowers on the tree and on the ground

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  1. I'm glad you got some rain Mark, unfortunately clouds approach Norwich from all directions but never quite make it. I went on an early morning expedition to a beautiful private wildlife reserve near here on Sunday and dressed head to toe in waterproofs - so of course the promised rain went somewhere else!