Thursday 7 January 2010

the only green in the village

Last year I had a vision in a transition meeting that the area around Sewell park (by Blyth Jex School and the Whalebone pub) could be like a village. This would mean that people would shop locally and recognize people in the street and generally it would be a happier, greener place to live. Since that vision a number of things have happened;

  • The florist said she felt the area becoming more greener and has started wrapping her flowers in bio-degradable material
  • The owner of a successful independent cafe in Norwich is looking to open a new place in the area
  • someone put up a directional sign between the pub and the church and this led to the 'carols in the pub event'
  • The local NR3 group, reskillers, and the congregation of Christchurch new catton ran a Green Christmas fair ( opposite the pub/church sign) - see previous blog
  • the Norwich wellbeing group that meet in Sewell are looking at doing some research in the area on community wellbeing

So next time you have a vision or a dream, don't dismiss it and think you have eaten too much cheese. Watch it grow and work towards it.

The title of this blog comes from little Britain, the only gay in the village, and of course the joke was around the fact that the village was full of gay people but he thought he was alone! I have realized that there are loads of like minded people on my doorstep and I don't have to drive to a meeting to meet them. I can just walk about and find them in the park, pub, greengrocers, butchers, need i go on?

the carols in the pub story: Dec 2009 14%3A30%3A41%3A177

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