Monday 4 January 2010

how many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?

I don’t know the answer to this joke but I would love to hear any endings you may have!

I did come up with one joke ‘ did you hear about the hypochondriac environmentalist who thought is was an omen when his bag for life broke before he got home from the shop’

But seriously I was thinking that the whole giving up oil dependence thing can be terribly depressing so my blog will look at the creative and funny side of becoming greener.

One thing I do find funny is the ‘greener than thou’ phenomenon. It seems we are such a competitive society that we are even are competitive about downsizing! The truth is that there will always be someone with a smaller carbon footprint that you and always someone with a bigger one. I myself am green enough for some of my friends to find me weird but still feel like a gas guzzling city type when confronted with people that have made amazing changes to their lives. Yet what is important is that everybody is doing what they can. I used to be a strict vegetarian and people were constantly asking ‘ are your shoes leather?’ as though this would cancel out all the animals you have not eaten. Environmentally speaking then every action you make has an effect. It doesn’t matter if you try to walk everywhere but still take the car sometimes, the fact is you have changed your behaviour in some way.

The image by the way is a solstice dressing on Mousehold heath. I hope one day to meet the maker as I have been photographing it for two years. I found out her name is Lesley and she teaches yoga. Maybe next year I will join in the dressing if she will let me. It show one of the things you notice when you walk places.

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