Monday 4 January 2010

Play the 'how to be greener game'

I was thinking if my attempts to be greener were a board game what would today look like?

  • lay in bed and be 'in the moment' with your partner and two dogs - move forward two spaces
  • lay in bed too long and have to take the car to work - move back two spaces
  • put on all second hand clothes and feel awesome - gain one green and one wellbeing point
  • decide to print out document rather than read on computer - back one space
  • save paper by printing on both sides of paper- move forward one space
  • twenty minutes later you still have not worked out how to do it so have to print 118 pages - back to start
  • say Happy New Year to everyone in the building and create nice atmosphere - gain wellbeing point
  • join in complaining about another member of staff - lose wellbeing point
  • take down Christmas tree and pack away carefully so new decorations do not have to be bought next year - win 3 green points
  • break button on rather tight clothes swapping trousers while bending down to put away tree - miss a go while attending clothes repair class
  • arrange afternoon appointment so you can walk to it, meet 3 people you know on the way - gain 1 fitness point and 2 wellbeing points
  • write amusing blog entry and feel rather pleased with self - move to final place and win game


  1. Hehe, this is great. Thinking of it like a board game is great because then going backwards sometimes is part of life and doesn't mean that you aren't still going in the right direction too!

  2. Dear Helen, Laughed VERY loudly in the Library which I reckon is at least 3 wellbeing points (1 for physical inner exercise). Still thinking up an answer to your first question . . . maybe that's a clue. Several millions of us thinking about changing and no one quite getting round to doing the light thing. Love the new humour section, CX

  3. glad you like it. i was just sitting here and thinking how cold i am and then it went through my head ' global warming?...bring it on!'
    but not everyone would find that funny of course

  4. liking that you get to move two spaces if you stay in bed with your partner!

  5. too right! it saves heating and is lurvly. Remember in the water crisis we had 'save water, bath with a friend!'? Perhaps someone can come up with the bed sharing equivalent tag line.