Friday 8 January 2010

how does transition feel? - a bit like a snowy day

Because of the snow, we cannot rely on cars so it makes us change how we behave. Its like an experiment in transition life. No-one expects you to drive so its easier to say no to commitments that involve a car.

I always think if you compare transition to environmentalism its like selling religion by talking about love and forgiveness instead of hell and damnation. So with transition instead of ' the end of the world is nigh!' you have 'look how great transition feels?'

This picture shows how living the transition life could feel.
Today, nobody could get into work because of the snow so we read reports and accessed email from the home. Then we had breakfast in the Denmark Cafe then walked round the park with the dogs. After they were worn out we collected a free bone from the butchers and bought a jar of blackberry jam for £1. They fell asleep in front of the fire while we continued working. Then we went to Annas farm stores to collect more food for dinner.
' I could never live like that' i hear you say. And you are probably right as we have very flexible jobs and no children but
only a few years ago we both worked full-time and spent all our spare time spending money and life seemed pointless and we never seemed to have enough stuff.
Now we can live in the moment which is very cheap!
that's the end of my weeks blog. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Helen

    Really enjoyed this week's series of posts. Love the fun, love the feeling of huge optimism.... and those pix!