Wednesday 6 January 2010

How many times can you recycle an hpde bottle top?

I thought you might like this story about milk bottle tops. As you may know you can recycle plastic for cash. And if you are doing it for charity it is amazing how enthusiastic everybody is. One woman made her son drink only skimmed milk because she thought that only green lids were being collected. I heard that rethink was collecting them for a local school so as the rethink drop-in lies within my imaginary village ( more of that tomorrow) I decided to get all the church people and people from where i work to collect them. Someone ( lets call him Brian) was bringing me loads to my work and I soon had whole bagfuls which I then took to the drop-in. After a few months I was at the drop-in with a bag of milk bottle tops when one of the staff said ' Oh lovely, Brian will be pleased, he takes them up to a lady on St Stephens road'. This lady was, of course, me and I since found out that this was not true but for a moment I wondered how many times we had circled them round!
I have, by the way, stopped collecting them for now but if anyone is taking a journey down to Portsmouth and fancies delivering some bin liners full of tops then contact me.

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  1. What to do with milk bottle tops crops up every 6 months on the Freegle Cafe ( - ASFAIK there is no one collecting them locally and the cost of transport makes it uneconomic to send them to the one place that processes them. Does anyone know differently? People hate throwing such sturdy looking plastic in the bin!