Saturday 5 November 2011

Occupying the House with the Cat

“I just read you were alone with the cat and thought I’d give you a ring,” said Josiah on the phone. Nick had picked Charlotte up in the afternoon and they’d gone to Occupy Norwich for the night.

“Ah the value of twitter,” I laughed. “I didn’t sound sorry for myself, did I? It was very tongue in cheek. The cat’s gone out now too!”

It is ten to seven in the morning and I am typing this in bed. Outside it’s raining slightly, there’s a light mist on the fields in the grey dawn and it suddenly feels like November. The cat has come in from the night, bounded around the house, washed herself and jumped from the bedside table onto me knocking over pens and pencils and making it as hard as she can for me to get to the keyboard.
So that’s where I am. I have a list in front of me of the things I’ve been considering all week for these posts but it's the Occupy movement that keeps occupying the space! Two pieces really stuck in my mind, one about confronting the demand to always have to have demands; and the other Erik Curren's on how it's not just the bankers we need to be looking at but also Big Oil.
In a few hours Charlotte will be back from her night on the streets of Norwich. She’s coming with Tom, who’s interviewing us about This Low Carbon Life and Transition Norwich communications as part of a short film he’s making for the 3rd birthday celebrations on the 15th of this month. And I've got stage (or film) fright.
So I need to get the house in order and myself prepared. I’ll let you know how it goes in Part 2 later...

Part 2 Later
Well, that wasn't so bad. Tom arrived with Charlotte and his two small daughters and he filmed us talking about communications and the blog. In fact it was really good fun. Tom's a sympathetic director who told me my performance nerves were a good sign - it meant I cared about what I was doing - and who really lets you be yourself. Although I am slightly worried that second cup of coffee will have made me come across like a mad professor on acid.
Meanwhile the girls and the cat happily occupied the bed together, whilst Charlotte and I took it in turns to read them stories so Tom could film.
Haven't spoken with Charlotte yet about what went on at Occupy Norwich last night. I'm busy finishing this post and she is attending to the Social Reporting project. But she'll be writing about it herself next week, either on the One World Column or for This Low Carbon Life's Transition Themes week. Watch these spaces!

I forgot to take photos of our filming session with Tom, damn! But here's Nick and Charlotte by the garden tent just before they set off yesterday for a more concrete sort of tent experience!


  1. While doing some targeted surfing I found this really powerful reiteration of what it's all about:

  2. Thanks Erik. This is one of the articles I'm linking to in this post ("confronting the demand to always have to have demands"), the one by Robert Jensen. I thought it was great, too.