Thursday 17 November 2011

being the 99% not the 99p

Last night I was at the launch of Rob Hopkins new book about transitioning. It was the most amazing transition evening since the unleashing 3 years ago. I left with renewed enthusiasm to go out and make changes. There were three rooms at the united reformed church in Norwich. In the main church hall there were speeches and a film shown made by Tom Harper. I did some stand up comedy about being a transitioner and then Rob talked about how things had changed since the unleashing and some of the initiatives that were going on around the country.

The lovely James Frost played a song he had written for the film which I was looking forward to hearing but then got sent off with a bucket to collect money from people who had come in late and missed the chance to donate. Afterwards there were stalls representing different projects going on in transition such as the Magdalen street celebration and farm share. There was a most amazing cabbage on display which looked like an imaginary cabbage in a dream you might have.

With regard to the Occupy Norwich picture that you see there was an agreement that here was a very visible revolution going on that people could get involved in. One that was saying that we can't can't carry on in the same way as we have already.

The main thing I learnt though is that when someones says in an email 'can anyone introduce a film and be a bit funny' then before you send one back saying 'pick me, pick me!' you might want to imagine yourself holding a piece of paper with jokes on in front of 250 people first.


  1. Helen, you were brilliant, very funny and a great start to the evening,

  2. Gee thanks Tom. I enjoyed the film very much. I would love to be involved in another one and would try to be more succinct!