Thursday 10 November 2011

A new season for Norwich FarmShare

As I try to, every few weeks, I juggled my work schedule and found space for a day off on the farm. I work part time precisely so that I have the freedom to do things like this. I phoned Tierney and said "Which day do you want me? I can do Tuesday or Friday" She ummed and ahhed and explained that there wasn't really anything for me to do.

Now if I was a gardener, I'd probably have worked this out for myself. Nothing much is growing, so there's not much weeding. It's the wrong time of year to plant stuff, and harvesting only happens on Thursdays (which mysteriously, I never seem to be able to take off).

I've got very used to eating seasonally over the last couple of years, but this growing seasonally thing took me completely by surprise.

There will still be plenty to do over the winter, but it will tend to be big occasional jobs, like putting up the polytunnel skin or cutting a door hole in the container. We'll put these days on our events page on the website and our facebook group. By the way, we could really do with a window and a door for our container- if you happen to have one going spare, please tell us! The plan is to make one end of the container much cosier for Tierney and our volunteers.

There is a little weeding still to do in the polytunnel to keep our winter salads at their best, and harvesting still goes on every Thursday 10.00-1.00 and we'd love you to come along any week you're able to, just let us know you're coming. It's much more likely to be raining and muddy, so come prepared!

With the change in both the weather and the veg we're harvesting, I find I'm eating so very differently to the food I was enjoying just a couple of months ago. Soups, tagines and big warming bowlfuls of veg seem just the thing now. There are recipes for seasonal veg aplenty on our website, do take a look. If you've got a favourite recipe, why not send it my way so I can add it to our growing collection?

As we go further into the winter, we'll also be maintaining our tools, servicing the tractor, arranging a quarterly general meeting to make sure our members have the chance to tell us how it is for them, and continuing with the all important job of telling everyone about Norwich Farmshare and how good it is. We still need more members to make sure we're a flourishing farm!

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