Friday 18 November 2011

Be the change you want to see in the world.....

So I am still fired up after the Transition Norwich event on Tuesday. In fact I am not the only one as I saw someone had painted a billboard in NR3 the next day!

I have been thinking about how everybody can make a change that can influence other people. At the event Elena spoke about how if we cycle to work someone will see us and it will encourage them to do the same. In fact I first started cycling to work when I asked one of the Art Therapists for a lift home because she lived in my street. 'Yes of course' she said 'but you do know I have a tandem?'. For some reason it seemed too late to change my mind and I found myself standing nervously by while she raised the seat from a child's position so I could sit on the back. We sped down St Stephens road by the old hospital and I was beginning to enjoy myself and forget that my hands were quite near her bottom when the seat returned to its original position leaving my knees up by my chest. Undeterred (and because I was too scared to say anything) we continued until we reached the North city. I looked at my watch and saw it had taken 8 minutes. The same journey takes about 45 minutes to walk and 30 minutes to drive at rush hour. From then on I walked or cycled to work having previously taken the bus occasionally.

When I walk I sometimes take my shopping trolley which if I have heavy things to carry. Its particularly important when going to green events as it makes you look all kind of holy in an environmental way. I nearly convinced someone I had made it but I did in fact put new wheels on which I took off a pram that I am almost certain had been abandoned.

I asked a bloke to take the photo after he found me trying to balance my camera on a garden wall.

I hope that I have influenced people into living more transitionally over the years. I know that many people have helped me along in my journey so far.


  1. Also cycling to work makes if much easier to stop and pick up a bit of shopping from local shops - and to stop and talk to people.

    I see the bike as not just a method of transport but a path to building resilient local communities. I was surprised that cycling did not feature more prominently in Rob's talk. I'm encouraged to see that NCC are at last taking cycle routes more seriously

  2. John, it's great to see that they've planned a cycle path from the bridge over the A47 to the hospital, but if they needed 19911 drafts to get this far, think how long it's going to take them to actually build something.

  3. I agree totally about the shopping. I would cycle back down Magdalen Street and stop and get some corriander for tea. Walking makes you interact even more with people.