Friday 11 November 2011

Magdalen Street Celebration

If you haven't heard of the Magdalen Street Celebration then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!

But seriously the second street festival went amazingly well and I think these images convey the spirit more than I can in words.

What I will say is that the event is building a sense of community with more and more people being involved. This year Roys had their forecourt available for stalls so this spread the activities up the street. One of the cafes had a cooker outside and offered hot food alfresco.

A group of shops got together and had a fashion show of vintage and London influences. Entertainment wise there were new groups as well as the old favourites: Taiko Drummers and Golden Star Morris dancers.

The Anglia Square empty shops were offered again and played host to a wonderful selection of workshops including eco-crafts, puppet making from the Norwich Puppet Theatre and Story telling to name a few.

If you want to be involved next year then we are looking for volunteers. If you have any skill to offer then please do get in touch via the blog page or facebook page. Even if you are happy to go round with posters or are good at taking photographs then it all helps. The more the merrier! Our meetings are rather fun and take place in a Magdalen Street cafe everyone is encouraged to use their interests to contribute to the day whether it be an interest in history or knowing local people or organizations.

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