Friday 16 September 2011

This is not just an ordinary wall...

OK, so I don't want to play too heavily on whose wall this is, but actually, I was pretty damn impressed when I walked past this well known store in the centre of Norwich last week.

Green architecture (as in, literally, green) is something that really appeals to me - I first read about it in National Geographic a year or so ago, but I never really thought I'd see it in Norwich.  This one is truly beautiful, a real patchwork of different plants, and I'm really dying to see how it changes through the seasons.  Will it flower in the spring / summer?  What a treat for the bees that would be!  So I have to give credit where credit's due, and say well done to M&S for a really great addition to Norwich's city centre.

Another piece of fab Norwich architecture I spotted, this time in Eaton Park.  I don't know if it's real, as in genuinely usable, but it's a great idea for high-rise living for the city's bird population.  From the back bedroom at home, I can look out on the end wall of my neighbour's house.  I'd love to cover the whole of the upper part of the wall with hundreds of bird boxes just like these - it'd be like a hotel!

I haven't mentioned this to my neighbour, and I don't suppose I will, but it's a great thought - I wonder if he has the same thought about my walls...

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  1. The bird (and bug) boxes are indeed completely usable by birds and bugs Jon. They were created by two artists and installed earlier on this year as part of the Norwich and Norfolk Festival. There are 400 of them! What a great project.

    For more about it see this Evening News article:

    PS You should talk to your neighbour - you never know what might happen - community bird and bug boxes?!?