Wednesday 14 September 2011

Simple pleasures

When you blog for three days in a row you are meant to develop a kind of theme. Well I never do normally but today I will contrast my angst of the last two days with the upsides of transitioning.

For me this is the simple pleasures that come with it all. So for this time of year there is the blackberry picking, jam making and pickling. Of course I haven't actually DONE any of these things but I know people that have so that sort of counts. I tell a lie, I did blackberry pick and got wrong with my ex for trying to steal his click and lock ( that's Tupperware to people my age) to take them home in. That is the trouble with click and lock. Its so LOUD that you can't steal it without people hearing you do it up.

Where was I? Oh yes so I was foraging on the way to work. Rather pleased with myself for grabbing a small apple from a tree on the way (between the Archant car park and the BCTV managed woodland). Unfortunately it was so sour I couldn't swallow it but had to hold it in my mouth until I got round the corner into Ber Street because several office workers had seen me pick it and I had to maintain my 'urban forager' persona.

Last week I held a lovely bunting workshop in the 4 women's centre on Colgate to help decorate the street for the Magdalen Street Celebration. We spent a lovely couple of hours cutting up 1970's duvet and discussing whether the tree outside was cherry or crab apple. There is something very relaxing about a joint task done round a table with no machinery involved.

Last week I was really pleased with myself because we had 6 lemons and 20 eggs in the fridge (don't ask) and I decided to make a lemon meringue pie.

It took about three hours and looked like something from an old sci-fi movie but was absolutely amazing and lasted nearly as long.

The other day I learnt to play happy birthday on the piano for a party. If you are thinking of doing this though do bear in mind that as the cake is brought in you will be playing in the dark!

I hope I have inspired you to some simple pleasures, I realize these are mostly about behaving like a 1950's housewife but I am sure you could do your own rugged bike mending, home brew drinking, tree climbing version.

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