Sunday 4 September 2011

Please forgive me if I gloat a bit ..

I know that the Little Melton Village Show is not the most prestigious event in the vegetable growing world but I was very pleased to get a certificate in each of the six classes that I entered yesterday - I gave my prize winning cucumber to someone, along with its certificate. The tomatoes are really a Transition effort as both plants were grown from seed by fellow veg grower Jane and the seeds for the Black Cherry came from Sue, who is also in Transition. Someone told me yesterday that John Innes are currently researching black tomatoes as they have increased levels of anti oxidants - we are clearly in the avant-garde of tomato growers!

I always enjoy the village show and seeing what other people have grown. There is a spirit of friendly rivalry but no one takes it very seriously and most people just exhibit whatever is looking good on the day. It is also encouraging to see many children taking part and that the village allotments are very popular, both with people brought up in the countryside and with people working in city office jobs.

I'm now enjoying eating a prize winning pear!

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