Tuesday 13 September 2011

Addicted to love

There is a song where the words go 'whenever I'm alone with you I feel young again, whenever I'm alone with you I feel fun again'. This is all very well Adele but how do you know it is really love and not just some need you are fulfilling? Perhaps even an addiction.
Well I have a love that makes me feel this way, sexy and carefree.
But should I give her up? She is rather, um, 'high maintenance'.
I have been saying I will because I know I should but everytime I plan the end I think 'not yet, just a bit longer, wait til the spring'. Is this the pre-contemplative excuse of an addict?
I spend a day without her just cycling and visiting friends. I feel relaxed.
I look for signs as to the right thing to do. I find a sign and I know it's not time yet.
She passed her MOT

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