Thursday 23 June 2011

How to get where you want to be

One of the problems of writing a blog and trying to impress your readers with promises of selling you car is that they not only read it but remember it and ask you if you have sold it yet. Well er no I havent. Its kind of broken from someone driving into it and now I have to mend it. But I havent been using the car much and experimented with taking my dog on the train last week. It was going quite well and Dotty had only escaped twice. But then on my journey home they replaced the train with a coach which wasnt allowed animals. So my dad had to drive me half the way home. But I did have the most wonderful time with my mum and the dog. They are both completely in the moment as you can see in the image.

Back to transport. When I am just walking round the city I dont need the car but sometimes it seems to take ages. So I took my bike to the local bike shop for repair and he sucked through his teeth and said it would cost £100. So I went on eBay and cheapcyle and freecycle ( got to be the ideal place to look for a bike!)and found some then in the mean time a friend lent me her bike.

So now I just have to work out the buses and I will be sorted. I love buses. I am thinking of getting one of those bus passes that you can get for the year.

I took a taxi the other day and the driver told me he had a picture of Boudicca on his back. I thought this was totally cool. Although he did think Boudicca was a man and changed into a dragon after dying. He took it quite well when I told him she was a woman. I didnt mention the dragon because I was less sure about that bit.


  1. unfortunately, many LBS's put a significant markup on the costs of parts and labour - and (with exceptions) - they are primarily business*men* rather than genuine eco-activists - They thrive on the sweat-and-testosterone aspect of ruthlessly competitive cycling with profit in mind -either selling new cycles or "new stuff" such as expensive racing components.

    Buying the parts online and fixing your own bicycle is not as daunting/intimidating as it may initially seem, and creates a big saving.

    Of course it is also good to have more than one bike, so you have a backup in case your main one needs repair and/or you can work on the other one at your leisure..

  2. Hi Helen, have you noticed that Lucy is hosting a bike maintenance workshop on the 18th?