Friday 17 June 2011

A busy week...

I had a whole list of things planned for this post, but for one nearly everything I wanted to say has been said, for another the posts I expected in praise of homeopathy didn't materialise (so I don't need to post my irritated tirade about my personal viewpoint that it doesn't work) and then someone I'm close to spent several worrying nights in hospital. So it's been a busy week, and health has been on my mind: but not really in a way condusive to blogging about it.

So the only two points left to me to make are:

Looking afer yourself is pretty much the best investment you can make, I think. Keeping reasonably active, eating right and avoiding too much deliberate harm (smoking, for instance) saves you discomfort, the NHS money and the planet a little harm. But despite all that, we'll all need health care at some time in our life and the NHS is an amazing beast. Long may it live.

The other point is one I've never heard anyone in Transition mention, which surprises me: what are we going to do for contraception after Peak Oil?

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