Saturday 25 June 2011

gardening is on the up

As we need more space to grow stuff it makes sense that in the future we grow on vertical planes. As we will also be using hovering cars by then it will be easy to water. But seriously the second image shows how it looked at the chelsea flower show last year. It grew all kinds of herbs and vegetables and the staircases were a greenhouse for indoor plants (on purpose, not like some flats that are like that anyway)

The flats where I live are not quite there yet, as you will see. But a family with children has started planting rocket and lettuce in the beds outside. One of the other residents has suggested growing hops up the side (I am thinking grapes). In London a group have got together and all grow a vine each and have made Chateau Tooting. Maybe one day the smell of brewing will waft up the staircase from the caretakers lodge. I live in hope.

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