Sunday 5 June 2011

Deep Nature Week – A Postscript

I would like to thank all the bloggers who contributed over the last week to Deep Nature on This Low Carbon Life. Looking through the posts this morning I’m struck (again) both by the extraordinary diversity and quality which make up our blog and by how wholeheartedly everyone engages with the material.

Organising and leading a shared week on the blog is a quite different thing from simply (?!?) writing three posts in three days every six weeks, where I only have to focus on what I’m doing. What if no one wants to join in with the subject? Or too many people want to? And once you’ve worked out some basic guidelines, communicated with everyone, got the rota sorted out and the week begins, you are in a sense holding that week – what if it goes pear-shaped? Though I suppose pear-shaped wouldn’t be so bad given this week’s subject.

If you haven’t read the pieces yet, I recommend all of them. They read really well in order, from Into Deep Nature (the intro) to Swarm Catchers (natural beekeeping) and the mysteries of Poppyland (negotiating the balance of the wild and the domesticated). Ancient and Modern taps into deep sea time, whilst Alchemy 2 (the Micro Picture) gets elemental and ‘Nature’ throws up some surprises in Who’s been eating my potato?

I took the pictures in this post (Scorzonera, Pineapple Mayweed and Common Broomrape) yesterday at The Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm near Ipswich, where a meeting of several regional Community Supported Agriculture schemes took place organised by the Soil Association. I’ll report more on that for the July TN News bulletin.

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