Monday 2 August 2010

why i dont live near my parents

I love my mum and dad very much but when i left home i came to Norwich because it seemed about the right distance from my parents. 2 hours. That way they couldn't just drop in but they could come for the day and not have to stay. What can I say? I wanted to 'find myself'. But now they seem so far away. I used to look down on people that lived in the same town they grew up in. Now i wish my family were nearer. We make choices like moving away based partly on the ease of travel. In the same way we may choose a job where we need to commute. The other day my dad rang me up because he had seen me in the paper and i was so pleased that he was proud of me.

Anyway I am rambling now and as this is the green equivalent of thought for the day then i should skillfully, but without frightening the unconverted, bring the subject round to transitioning.

So i cannot move my parents nearer or move towns but i can make new friends nearby and visit my parents on the train. I have added a picture of me and my dog at my parents house which i took because i realized his legs were the same as the table legs.

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