Tuesday 24 August 2010

Not just any farm store, this is Annas farm store - part food emporium, part day care for me

Contrary to popular belief it does not count as buying local if you live next to a Tescos (which most of us now do)
This is a picture of Anna who runs Annas farm stores. You get so much more than just things from farms. In the foreground you can see jam. This is made from Norfolk growers who give their excess fruit to some guy who makes it into jam. In the background are some pictures from a local artist (me) and until recently you would have seen knitted squares ( not for human consumption) because Annas was the drop off for squares knitted for Gay pride. ( her husband also makes costumes in his workshop for female impersonators but thats for another blog i feel)
Back to food. The bread comes from crusty corner bakery which gets its flour from Norfolk. People bring their spare vegetables they have grown and all the foreign food is fairtrade.
As well as food you get to play 'lets ask Anna for something she hasnt got'. This is part game part ritual. As the name suggests when you enter the shop you have to ask Anna for something she hasnt got. Once you have found something the ritual/game is over and you can continue shopping. You are not allowed to ask for strawberries in winter because that is cheating and you just look like a real townie.

If you dont have time to wander around your neighbourhood during the day she also does veggies boxes and you can have stuff delivered by cycle link and she is also in the town and open til 7pm so you can drop in on the way home from work. So if you are anywhere near Magdalen Road then go in and mention my name. ( you wont get you any special favours but i get a warm feeling from knowing my blog has had an effect on behaviour)

Annas farm stores is open Tuesday to Saturday
125 Magdalen Road, Norwich

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  1. fabulous shop, I have been shopping with Anna for over 12 years now, my daughter Jessica has had some of her hand made bags and jewelery in there to sell and it is just so much more than just a shopping experience