Monday 2 August 2010

Warning this post may contain knots

For the last 5 months I have been creating a mammoth woolly to celebrate Norwich pride. It has been an amazing project. Why? Because the council let us hang is on the balcony at city hall? Because it is made of a million stitches and is over 30 metres long? Because the EDP printed a picture of it and lots of other pride stuff despite being a 'family' paper. No, none of these things. What was amazing was that hundreds of people came together to make something happen. People from all walks of life. People who would not normally associate. But they wanted to make something. There was a drive to create, to knit, to commune. There is something so simple about sitting round a table and making stuff. Friendships have been forged, alliances made and lots of people have rekindled their love of knitting.

The only problem is what to do next. Knitted dishcloths anyone?


  1. I saw the pic of the wooly from the city hall balcony on facebook, it was fantastic. Well done! Small matter of the Magdalen Street Celebration next!!!

  2. yes i agree! Onwards and upwards....

  3. well done! would like to do this in my Transition Town (in Groningen, Holland). How did you do it?