Wednesday 4 August 2010

how to make your neighbourhood a village

some of you may already know that i have this dream of making my area like a village.
well after a year or more of this life i can say it is starting to feel like that. For the knitting project ( see Mondays blog) we used the local farm stores as a drop off point for squares which bought people together. One of the women from the silver rooms was heard to declare ' i am knitting for lesbians' when she left the store having dropped off her donation.
The other day one of my local friends called by with a problem and i was able to help. It made me feel good that the door bell could ring without someone standing their trying to convert my religion or gas supplier.
There are some drawbacks however. the other day i fell out temporarily with a neighbour over rhubarb and it takes about an hour to walk to the corner shop because you bump into so many people.
the feeling you get from living like this is priceless and as they say for everything there is mastercard or is it Norwich pounds now?

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