Saturday 5 June 2010

today i felt as though living transitionally was starting to pay off. For the last year and a half I have been cultivating local friendships and shopping at independent traders.
I dont buy new clothes, only get them from clothes swapping and charity shops and i buy all my food from the co-op or Annas farm stores. Having said that I occasionally have a blip and end up in MacDonalds with a big mac. But like a friend of mine who is giving up smoking, just because you occasionally have a fag it doesnt mean you should give up giving up.
So today I walked to work and was pleased to bump into a local craftsperson walking her dog who makes necklaces from glass beads made in Suffolk. I asked if she would be in tomorrow as it was my birthday and I wanted one of her pieces. Friends say i am difficult to buy for because of being 'environmental type' but the truth is i would rather have someone just drop in for a drink and not bring a present atall.
The photograph is of me with Kerry Lane from the reskilling group at a clothes swap that was followed by a clothes altering session ( I actually just put some toggles on a cardi i got off ebay)
So the point of todays blog is not to give up just because you dont feel you have 'got there' yet.

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  1. Charlotte Du Cann6 June 2010 at 11:13

    Dear Helen and Andy, Love that rainbow song! Hope you'll sing it at our Midsummer Transition Party too (bring some yarn and needles and you might get us all knitting!) Charlotte