Thursday 3 June 2010

How do you decide whether to go to a meeting?

In my case the answer was 'you have to go if its YOUR meeting'
The other night i was at what was turning into a rather lively
private view and I had just persuaded pequlia bigtopp to knit me a square
when i realised i had to leave to go to the NR3 meeting and was wishing I hadnt started the group up again because the attendance had been poor.

But the meeting was amazing. We have decided to run a Magdalen Street International Arts fair in September. We were noticing how the street has such a great mix of independant Asian supermarkets, secondhand shops and craft shops. The idea seems to have got everyone excited and wanting to do something. Perhaps it helps to have a focus otherwise you feel you are just meeting for the sake of meeting. So anyone who wants to be involved please come to the meeting on 9th June at 27 St Augustines street. We plan to involve the local street traders, the northside artists and transitioners and anyone else from that part of town who wants to be involved.
so what can i say to help you decide whether to go to this meeting?

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