Saturday 5 June 2010

bloggoff ( buy one blog - get one free)

yesterday i accidentally uploaded my blog to the news bit so today you have two blogs.

Its my birthday and to celebrate I am having loads of people over on Sunday to the textile centre on St benedicts street to knit. If you want to understand why then watch the video.
Today i will also be;
eating blackberry jam made from Mousehold heath blackberries ( thanks Karen for this)
walking into town to have lunch ( is the bicycle shop any good?)
listening to a blackbird in the garden that sings to the tune of camp town races
maybe dropping in at St Clements church that is open every Saturday lunchtime for history and chat
tonight we will go to my friends house and order a takeaway
stroking my dogs face hair into her 'go faster' style

falling asleep if I can because I will be too excited about knitting tomorrow...


  1. The best of birthdays to you Helen from us both! What a lovely video! The Bicycle Shop is a great place to meet people (tea and coffee really good). I haven't eaten there but the food looks good, too.

  2. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Helen, happy birthday to yoooooou!!! xx

  3. It sounds like the prefect day Helen! Hope you have a happy, and exciting time-if only I could get the rainbow tune outa my head tho! Perhaps the happy Birthday to you tune is best! JoJo

  4. it is indeed a really charming and lovely video.

    It nearly makes me want to knit!! I hope that I can come and visit you all this am - but have to attend to allotment first to weed and water. The tonight at the Cottage Pub Silver Road for the presentation of cheque to Toy library from 7.00pm do come along and relax after your busy day. Sewell ward is developing as Community.

  5. Dear Andy and Helen, Love that rainbow song! Hope you'll sing it at our Midsummer Transition Party too (bring some yarn and needles and you might get us all knitting!). Best birthday wishes, Charlotte