Sunday 13 June 2010

confessions of a transitioner or how to lose friends and alienate people

When i was at Sunday school they taught you that when you point the finger there are always three pointing back at yourself. I had forgotten this recently until a Shaman reminded me by something he said.
The other day I bumped into a facebook friend and her son who was holding a toy bear. Without thinking I looked at the label and she immediately began apologizing for buying stuff from Ikea. This filled me with shame to think that I had made someone I hardly knew feel guilty about buying a toy for their child. So this blog is about saying sorry for that and to all the people that I have made feel bad when in fact the whole point of transition is to face challenges with a positive outlook and a 'can do' attitude.
I would also like to confess that every year I buy about a thousand pounds worth of electronic equipment, yesterday I ate an Angus burger at Burger King , I have just driven hundreds of miles in a four by four and I ran over a squirrel.
But of course this doesnt make very good blog reading but perhaps an occasional confession would make us realize that transitioning is exactly that. We live in a world that demands we get everywhere fast and look a certain way and fit in with society and with fellow transitioners. I personally prefer to strike a happy medium so that everyday people find me rather odd and transioners look down on me for my takeaway food indulgences.
I will leave you with the image of a cow floating away over a field with her fellow cows shouting up ' its ok to fart, don't worry about the methane!'
kind regards
ps it wasnt true about the squirrel


  1. Thank you for your confession, Helen (I'm worried about that squirrel now, may have to follow you to make sure).

    I agree that it's really about everybody doing what they can, however seemingly small it might appear to others, or happening at a slower pace, but it's also very important to not be so hard on ourselves either, and to recognise the positive changes we ARE making, and that this was never going to happen overnight.

  2. Dear Helen

    I love your posts! You forgot to mention your Primark habit and your regular dashes into T**** on Magdalen Road.... and a happy medium sounds very good to me.

    All the best - Jane