Wednesday 21 April 2010

Wild In The Garden

Like John, I spent all day Sunday planting, potting and pottering. Our garden is mostly wild with pockets of cultivation. This herb wheelbarrow has sage, rosemary, salad burnet, lemon balm, lady's mantle and hops among other things. I'll pop some morning glories in later to climb up the box tree.

The short photo journey below starts inside with saved seeds in a shoe box, seedlings and cuttings (here a peppermint destined for transition friends), goes out to the primrose path and lemon balm by the fence, visits alchemilla (lady's mantle) with her morning dew then ventures out to daisy world, dandelions and henbits, cleavers and ribwort plantain before ending with horsetail in the morning sun.

Most of these plants are used as traditional medicines and I also enjoy them as they are, where they are, when they are.

Saved seeds in a shoebox

Seedlings and cuttings

Peppermint cutting

Primrose path

Lemon balm, dandelion, ivy

Alchemilla with morning dew

Daisy world

Dandelion flowers

henbits, yucca, box

ribwort plantain and cleavers

male horsetails in the morning sun

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