Tuesday 20 April 2010

My Garden

At this time of year my garden is in transition from cold, weed infested mounds of earth into rows of tasty, organic vegetables. This year I have added a lean to greenhouse and the radishes and tomatoes are enjoying basking in the sunshine. I have a peach tree and a fig from the excellent Reads nursery (near Loddon) and I am looking forward to eating my home produced fruits. The greenhouse is built against a thick brick wall that is designed to act as a heat store to keep the night frosts at bay – the other side is a lean to shed made from a recycled summer house. I have made a rubble filled trench down the middle of the greenhouse (covered with paving slabs) and will be rigging up some solar powered fans to blow hot air into the trench as a further heat store.


The garden is also in transition from the unproductive area of grass that existed when I bought the house to something that will provide as much of our food as possible. Each year I add some more growing space and there is less grass to cut – but all work and no play would be dull so there is still enough lawn for a game of lawn darts or croquet, though the moles don’t seem to understand the finer points of croquet. The earth looks a funny colour in this pic because I have spread the sawdust from cutting firewood to improve the clay soil.


Last year’s addition was this row of fruit tress that are fan trained along a path in order to fit more into the available space – the spring blossom is also very pretty. There are strawberry plants in the bed below the trees. I get a real pleasure from growing my own food and I also know that it is all organic. Last year I discovered Environ mesh and for the first time did not have to share my carrots with the fly larvae – we are still eating some carrots that we froze in December.

DSC00864Future plans include replacing some of the leylandi hedge with nut bearing trees and a hibernation mound for my toad friends that spend the summer in the two ponds – and eat the slugs!

So the garden very much reflects my views on Transition – take lots of small steps towards a bigger goal - do the hard work but leave space for some fun.

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  1. John - what an inspirational post. Really enjoyed it; only wish I had that scale of garden! Thank you for lots of exciting ideas

    Best wishes - Jane