Saturday 24 April 2010

What's for dinner this week?

Like Elena, I started out living in a flat without a garden, and then when I moved, like Jane, I had a city garden for a year. Then I bought a quarter acre garden. (There's also a house in the garden that I live in.) It worked. Thanks to the previous owners for planting 5 fruit trees and various people giving me soft fruits (including the raspberries that suckered from the neighbours) I have twelve months of fruit. I also have at least 10 months of vegetables and hope to make that twelve as well by 2012 at the latest. I'm only starting on the carbohydrates, and protein will take longer still. So, what's for dinner this week?




winter purslane


salad burnet

and quick, eat the kale, because it's starting to bloom. Fortunately, the flowers are edible too.

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