Wednesday 28 April 2010

What colour are you?

All this talk of party politics has made me wonder if I dare be seen with any particular colour near me without people wondering if it MEANS anything. Of course GREEN is a natural leaning but this being a non-political blog I thought I would mention RAINBOWS. This year I am undertaking a massive art project called 'knit with pride' which will see the making of a mammoth woolly that will be hung from the city hall balcony during Norwich pride in July. We are encouraging everyone who supports the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to knit a square to be knitted into a giant rainbow scarf. Of course the project is environmentally sound, using spare wool and local groups getting together to knit. This picture is a mixture of reskilling transitioners, knitters, the LGBT community and someone who happens to live upstairs from the wool shop where we held it.

You can get spare wool from Annas farms stores and if you want to find out more visit
While you are having fun and supporting the LGBT community you will be learning a skill that is needed in a sustainable future where we dont buy all our clothes from Primark.

Happy knitting

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