Thursday 4 August 2011

Sun, sea, sand and ..........

Sustainability of course, what else would you be thinking?

But if you were thinking about something else then how would you have an environmentally friendly romantic relationship? More and more of my friends are meeting people through Internet dating. You can find your absolute perfect match. No need to be three dates in before you find out they don’t recycle or read the wrong newspaper. But it seems that when you find your perfect match they invariably live in another part of the country.

So how would you find a partner in your own postcode area? We were discussing this in the Magdalen street Celebration meeting ( yes we had drifted off the point slightly).

So I have come up with a few places I think you could try. Please feel free to add send us more ideas:

The bicycle shop ( full of green types and great locally produced food)
Transition meetings and events have lots of lovely people and you could probably go to several meetings a week until you found someone that took your fancy.
Norfolk Quakers (I slipped this one in as they are very environmentally friendly individually and as an organization)

I recently took some flowers on a date that I picked from a graveyard (they were not from a grave, that would be wrong) and I took some cider from the Norfolk Square Brewery shop in Magdalen Street. Of course if you were going out with a non-environmentally type they would just think you were either weird or a bit of a cheapskate. These things are only partly true.


  1. I met Gav on the Internet 11 years ago. Adjacent counties but we finally live together now. Good Blog as per usual.

  2. I tried internet dating once, but I've given up trying to use it now. It's too expensive, for one thing. I mean, if it works, perhaps you could argue that its a pretty low price to put on love, but the thing is, while you're not being successful, it's just wasted money. At least when you go out swing dancing or to other "activity" kind of events then you still will have fun, even if you don't meet anyone you like.

    I think that there needs to be more of a variety of dating options though. Pubs and clubs only suit a certain crowd, so does internet dating. There's pretty much no provision for intellectual young people who want to find a partner who is in tune with their core values rather than the shallow criteria that are most visible in "conventional" dating methods. I've been wondering whether to organise such events in Norwich myself. I'm not sure what they would look like though!!

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