Monday 29 August 2011

Bloggers on the Bench

Saturday 1pm. Last weekend of August, 2011. On a bench in Chapelfield Gardens after our quarterly bloggers' meeting at The Greenhouse cafe. Five Transition Norwich bloggers with The Transition Timeline by Shaun Chamberlin. To be left as part of bookcrossing week on the blog.

Now you see us.

Now you don't.

We didn't leave the book there on Saturday as we couldn't join it to Bookcrossing on the public library computers. And it had started to rain (note end of summer clothing and slightly shivery aspect of assembled company).

None of us writing this week had actually sent a book on its bookcrossing travels (Erik and Simeon are saving theirs for the new bookcrossing zone at Jo Balfe's new cafe The Nectar* on Saturday 24th September). Others were either treasured reference books, lost or from the library.

So to make it clear this is not just a photo op, this copy of the Transition Timeline will be released into the wild of Chapelfield Gardens this month, complete with BCID (Book Crossing identification number) and web address. If you pick it up, do log it in to help keep track of its journey. And happy reading.

Pics: On the bench l to r Chris, Jon, Charlotte, Simeon and Mark in Chapelfield Gardens; Bench and Book; Book and Bench

*The Nectar opens this coming Saturday September 3rd at 10am

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