Friday 5 August 2011

Pride in what we do

We have just seen that third Norwich pride and the first North Norfolk pride this year. It has bought together hundreds of people through its year long events including singing, sewing and art. Its taken me a lot of years and many great friends and mentors over the years to give me the confidence to believe that you can make anything happen. You don't need a lot of money but just the willingness to get lots of people to help you. Norwich pride was run on a tiny budget with lots of help from willing volunteers. Last year of course saw the making of the giant rainbow scarf which used oddments of wool and over a million stitches to make a 40 metre piece of art. In the photograph below you can see it at North Norfolk pride on Cromer beach.

In a group called 'Sew Gay' ( see what we did there?) we made a banner with offcuts of material with over 130 mini people. The library at the forum gave us a free space upstairs and members of the public came and made mini versions of themselves. It was interesting to see how people made themselves recognizable. I tried to knit myself (dont try this at home).

In the top picture you can see me with Peter Tatchell. I asked people for broken brollies and used the material and sewed it onto an old fishing umbrella frame.

Some people from Yarmouth came up to me and said 'I wish we had a Yarmouth pride'. I reassured them that they could make it happen and wished them luck.

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  1. Fantastic pictures, energy and creativity. Pride has done us all proud!