Sunday 9 January 2011

Why are there no vegetable brushes?

I enjoy growing my own veg but at this time of year the root crops are pretty muddy when I dig them up. I don't want to peel my organic carrots as the skin has valuable nutrients - so an effective vegetable brush is essential. So why is it so hard to find one?

The kitchen shops in Norwich have pretty little brushes for polishing the tops of mushrooms but nothing for getting to grips with a dirty carrot! Surely not everyone buys their veg pre washed in plastic bags? After checking out nearly every shop in the city I found what I think is intended to be a floor brush in the Co Op - there were two half hidden under some mops - but it is robust enough to get the carrots clean and no need to peel them. I'm fortunate to have an old sink in the garage where it does not matter if the mud gets sprayed around a bit.

We have come along way from our 'roots' when you can't buy a brush to clean them.


  1. Dave Wrenn does some good veg brushes. But I agree that generally they are a bit thin on the ground. We have some good ones in the greenhouse cafe I will find out where they came from.

  2. I got mine from Natural Collection or Ethical Superstore here:
    Good quality bristles, hardwearing, wooden (not sure if/how sustainably sourced). Makes light work of both tender green stalks and hardy potatoes and carrots :)

  3. I got mine at Rainbow. Wooden back, two densities of brush. Very good for potatoes!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions - hopefully with more people growing veg then the supply will improve!