Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, as Mark said, the darkness around us is pretty deep. We live down a lane with no street lights, so when we lean out of the window at midnight this is what we see. Only at New Year the horizon is full of exploding coloured stars as all the big parties in Southwold let off their fireworks and the church bells let rip across the fields. Unfortunately the pictures didn't quite work out. So you've got a pic of shiny snowflakes and the moon from another night. You will have to imagine the sound effects too and ourselves leaning out on this almost-warm night. Oh and the cat (who is purring and also black). Mysterious stuff darkness. Never know what you might find out there. Happy New Year everyone!
Charlotte and Mark

We weren't at home for New Year's Eve so were able to enjoy a real log fire right up until midnight! There were plenty of fireworks outside, though because of the general fogginess we could hear them rather than see them. And the fire reminded me to add one more aspiration to my list - get our own woodburner working in 2011!
Jon Curran

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