Wednesday 19 January 2011

Share a bit more

This evening I am hosting a Transition Circle meeting on trying to set up a 'resource sharing' scheme. The idea is that there are many things which we do not need one of each, but the 'individuals' focus of our society has meant that we often do. So we are going to try out sharing instead to save money, the environment and to strengthen our little Earlham-based community.

There are so many possible things that I don't know quite where to start. Maybe the kitchen is a good place and I'm sure our sizeable collections of cake tins can be put to better use than they currently are. And as my bike tools are currently stranded in Edinburgh, borrowing a few basic tools to fix my brakes would be amazing!

I am interested to see how broad we set our sharing. There are the obvious things such as lawn mowers and cake tins, recipe books and hammers, but whether we get into skill/service sharing as well is an interesting question. For example someone could offer a bit of bike repair and someone else could offer some darning, anything's possible!

The logistics may take a little bit of organising, especially for more sizeable items, but at least we all live in the same part of the city so won't have to go too far to collect things. And another activity we were talking about is making a few bike trailers to share so maybe that will help solve those problems.

Whatever we come up with a little more sharing rather than personal hoarding in the world can only be a good thing.

Photos: art work at Glastonbury

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